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BU.hack() started mainly because we wanted to do cool projects. Inspired from DEFCON Badges, we wanted to create a badge of our own. We also wanted to introduce a maker culture the Univeristy and develop a community around creative problem solving. Lastly, we wanted to share the wonders of technology and impart the CS way of thinking to the public. Look at our name for instance, BU is the class, hack is the function (call) and 2o19 is the parameter passed. Combine these motives, and you have yourself a maker club organising hackathons!



First and foremost, to enable ourselves and others involved with the club to do cool projects. Second, to create a positive, result oriented, and inclusive community around creative problem solving. Lastly, to impart computer science knowledge and the computer science way of thinking to the world.



Host an annual hackathon extravaganza that is India's finest, at par with global counterparts. Second, the creation of a large network of makers and doers willing to help each other grow. Lastly, to make all who interact with the brand a little more tech savvy than they were before the interaction.

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